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How It Works


1.What To Wear?

You have dresses, of course, beautiful ones, but nothing quite right for this event. That's where we come in. Choosing a piece from Nova Octo's curated collection means that not only are you selecting something special - that maybe sold out, or was made as a one-off - but you can also be as adventurous as you wish. Our online store allows clients to search by size, by occasion, or by designer directly from the comfort of their own home, the office, or wherever they may be.


2.Be Our Guest

Feel guilty when buying something that you’re only going to wear once? Wouldn't normally invest in full-length sequins or dramatic frills? That's ok, it's only for one night...but you are welcome to try it on before you order it to be extra sure. Our showroom in TriBeCa offers a wider selection than what is displayed online and welcomes clients who want to try before they borrow, or who would like to see the beautiful pieces we have in person. Our Styling Consultants will be on hand to help you find the perfect look for your next event. 


3.Hello Beautiful!

Once you've chosen what to wear - and we've carried out temporary alterations if necessary on the straps or hem - we'll bring your special piece to your home or work whenever it's convenient for you. With the peace of mind that your chosen item is protected by our insurance, it's yours to enjoy for the next four days.  


4. Oh The Places We'll Go!

Let us guess, you’re attending a gala? Or the most stylish wedding? Or a work party where you really want to make an impression? Our pieces are ready to go wherever you are - from a Hamptons summer soirée to a city cocktail party. You'll never wear the same thing twice and yet will never again have to worry about an expensive piece hanging unworn in your closet. Your dream dress will be yours for just as long as you need it.  


5.Adieu And Bonne Chance!

When the time comes to return your Nova Octo piece, just place it in the box provided and it will be picked up by a courier or, if you’re in the neighborhood, drop it off at our TriBeCa showroom. You'll have the compliments you gathered while wearing it, hopefully some pictures, and a few memories of your adventure together, and then you can bid it farewell. It really couldn't be simpler - in fact, the only difficult part might be letting it go.


6.Doesn't That Feel Nice?

Just one last thing: making you look great matters to us, but we also know that you've chosen Nova Octo because it makes you feel good not to buy a dress you may only wear once. Now, we want to carry that good feeling a little further. Once you've chosen what to order, you can choose the charity that means the most to you - from providing education domestically and internationally, to pioneering green initiatives and wildlife protection funds - and we'll donate 15% for each piece you order to a cause that matters to you. Because there's more to life than looking good. Meet our current charity partners here.