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About us

Looking great, doing good, and no one-wear guilt

Some pieces you fall in love with and want to own forever and others you just dream of wearing for one incredible night. You may have designers who you turn to for those heirloom pieces and closet investments, but who can you turn to for luxury designer elegance for just one event? At Nova Octo, we believe that fashion is an important element in feeling great and having confidence, but that confidence comes from feeling good about the choices you make as well as just looking great. A sustainable lifestyle is important to our clients, and rather than buying one piece and wearing it to every event they attend this year to justify the purchase, they would rather wear something different to each soirée without littering their wardrobe with beautiful dresses they won't wear again. And if they can also do some good in the process, all the better. That's where we come in.

Nova Octo is not like other runway rental companies. We're not here to help you bag a designer dress at a bargain price. Our selection is carefully chosen and curated by our team - from classic, easy elegance to show-stopping glamour - to help you choose something that no one else will be wearing. Every piece we offer has been thoughtfully considered and has earned its place here among some of the world's most famous and sought-after labels - and every piece you borrow will benefit a great cause. Whether you have a wedding to attend, a work event, or a dinner with someone special, Nova Octo will ensure that you will look and feel a million dollars, without costing the earth.

Entrepreneur Silje Lübbe conceived Nova Octo following conversations with women just like her. She imagined a boutique that offered pieces with only the very highest craftsmanship and most beautiful detailing - dresses that were made as a one-off couture piece or that sold out as soon as they left the runway - which could be yours for just as long as you needed them. She spoke with women who worked hard and had disposable income, but who would never think of spending many thousands of dollars on a dress that they knew they would only wear once and would feel guilty if they did. In today's world, doing so felt not only economically but also socially irresponsible. Norwegian born, Silje always possessed a Scandinavian urge for sustainability and simplicity. This passion, combined with the knowledge that she had gained working for some of the luxury industry's most famous names across the globe, led her to conceive a novel retail concept with a philanthropic edge.

Our elite styling team will help and advise as you select your dream piece and then, while it wings its way to you complete with temporary alterations you might need, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your choice is also doing good elsewhere in the world. Every piece you borrow from us will benefit a charity - either domestically or internationally - that is working tirelessly to change the lives of others. 

From improving the lives of those for whom education is still a luxury, to those supporting green initiatives and safeguarding wildlife threatened by human action around the planet. Looking great, doing good, and no one-wear guilt. It's shopping, but not as you know it.