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If you care about doing good while looking great, you're just like us

You've chosen what to wear, you're already dreaming of the shoes and jewels that will complete the look, now there's just one more important choice to make: the charity that you want to support this time. Making you look great matters to us, but we know that you’ve chosen Nova Octo because like us you also want to do good.

Each time you borrow one of our beautiful pieces, you know that you will also be making a meaningful contribution to your chosen charity. Nova Octo will be donating 15% of proceeds from your rental, but we and our charity partners welcome any additional donation that you wish to make. The next time you visit you can support the same initiative again, or choose another cause to donate to.

From supporting environmental causes and wildlife initiatives that protect animals from the effect of human action, to lending your support to under-privileged youth in the United States and advancing girls’ rights globally. Our chosen charities echo our values of living a mindful, conscious life without harming our planet. Women are also at the core of our business - we are the founders, the team, and the clients - and so it's important to us to support women the world over who don't have the same opportunities and infrastructure that we enjoy. Find out more below about the charities we can support together.

Between 20,000 and 30,000 elephants die each year at the hands of poachers and may soon be extinct in the wild if trends continue. A joint initiative between Save the Elephants and the Wildlife Conservation Network, the Fund has conceived and implemented successful interventions to stop the killing and trafficking of elephants as a cause of the demand for ivory. The ECF invests  100% of every donation directly in its important work on the ground. 

Find out more about the Elephant Crisis Fund here.

Robin Hood fights poverty in New York City. They find, fund, and create the most effective programs across the city — schools, food pantries, homeless shelters, job training centers, health facilities, legal clinics, and more — to provide low-income New Yorkers with the tools they need to build better lives. Because Robin Hood’s board of directors underwrites all operating costs, 100 percent of your donation goes directly to fighting poverty.

Read more about the organization’s impact here

Girl Rising is a global campaign for girls’ education and empowerment. The initiative addresses the problems that girls around the world face in gaining an education that their male peers do not. Using the power of storytelling, through film and other media, the charity aims to change the way people think about and value girls and their education - and crucially get them into the classroom and on a path to a brighter future. 

Learn more about Girl Rising here 

Hudson River Park Friends is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the completion, care, and enhancement of the Hudson River Park, and is the designated fundraising partner of Hudson River Park Trust. Hudson River Park attracts millions of visitors each year to its reconstructed piers, free public programs and unrivaled recreational activities, and it does this all with private funds to guarantee its future for generations of Park visitors. Your support goes to ensure that Hudson River Park continues to be New York’s Park for Play for everyone.

Read more on their website.